Star Traders RPG Elite
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Play the free RPG version "Star Traders RPG" before you purchase Elite and enjoy hours of turn-based strategy in the Quadrant for free! The Trese Brothers never run ads in our games -- enjoy an ad free, permission free experience! Command your officers and crew from the bridge of your star ship as you travel, trade, and battle across the immense Star Traders Quadrant. Employ a wide variety of strategies as an Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Trader, Pirate or Smuggler. Can you manage your resources, crew and officers well enough to turn a profit in the complex economy that’s sprawling across the on-going interstellar conflict? Upgrade and experience the Elite edition! You can copy all your captains to the paid edition! Elite includes more than 200 new planets, more than 2,000 new sectors in the massive galaxy, over 400 new ships, twice as many rumors and officers, and more unique art. This epic space pirate RPG offers a deep and challenging world and economy to Star Trading captains. You must navigate the waters of Quadrant politics and choose sides among the competing Factions, or take a risk and stay independent. Enjoy endless replay value in this deep space civ and trading simulation which allows you to take any path you want as a captain. Act as a pirate against the merchants using the great shipping lanes, join the Solar War as a military captain, or hunt targets across the Quadrant as a fearsome bounty hunter! Star Traders is a turn-based strategy role playing game (RPG) inspired by games such as Space Trader, Master of Orion, Elite and many other classic titles. If you enjoy retro games, adventure and tactics games, Action RPG or Sci-fi RPG with complex depth like Master of Orion, you may enjoy the Star Traders space trading simulation. Our development team is actively continuing development and updates of this indie RPG based on your feedback and is regularly updated with new content, features, and fixes. Please email us with suggestions or bugs! As a Star Trading captain in this strategy RPG you will: - Explore more than 300 planets - Trade in and manipulate the complex and deep economy in our economic simulator - Buy, sell, and battle over 600 unique starcraft - Customize and design your space craft with more than 60 upgrades - Fully customize your captain (picking from 6 classes), officers and space ships - Read over the comments to see Star Traders is rated as one of the best RPGs by many players Experience the Elite upgrade: the epic new content includes 2,000 new sectors, 200 additional planets, and hundreds of additional ships, more rumors, art board, and officers. And you can copy any captain from Star Traders (free) to Elite! Your command of the ship is under constant threat, both internal and external. Can you manage your resources, crew, officers well to enough to turn a profit? Face****: https://www.face****.com/startraders Forum: Twi****: http://twi****.com/#!/TreseBrothers 玩免费RPG版“星级的商贸RPG”您购买精英,享受在象限回合制策略小时前免费!该Trese兄弟从来没有投放广告在我们的游戏 - 享受免费广告,权限免费体验! 指挥你的和船员从你的星船桥为您的旅行,贸易,和整个巨大的明星交易员象限战役。采用各种各样的战略,作为一个刺客,赏金猎人,操盘手,海盗或走私。您可以管理您的资源,船员和人员不够好,扭亏为盈,在复杂的经济是公司在其正在进行的星际冲突蔓延? 升级和体验精英版!你可以将所有众将复制到付费版!精英包括200多个新的行星,在庞大的星系超过2000个新部门,400新船,两倍多的谣言和官员,以及更独特的艺术。 这部史诗般的太空海盗RPG提供了一个深刻而充满挑战的世界和经济星贸易队长。你必须浏览象限的水域和选边站的竞争派别之间,或承担风险并保持独立。在此深空CIV和模拟交易,让你把你想作为队长的任何路径享受无尽的重播价值。使用大的航道法作为对商家海盗,加入太阳能作为队长,或狩猎目标跨越象限作为一个可的赏金猎人! 星级的商贸是一款回合制策略角色扮演游戏(RPG),灵感来自游戏,如太空操盘手,猎户座,精英等众多经典游戏的大师。如果你喜欢复古游戏,冒险和策略游戏,动作RPG或科幻RPG与复杂的深度像猎户座大师,您可以享受星级的商贸空间模拟交易。 我们的开发团队正在积极地继续根据您的反馈这个独立RPG的开发和更新,并定期更新新的内容,功能和修复。请发邮件给我们提供建议或错误! 作为一个星贸易队长在这略RPG游戏你会: - 探索超过300个行星 - 贸易和操作复杂而深刻的经济,我们的经济模拟器 - 购买,出售,战役和超过600独特的星际争霸 - 自定义和设计飞船与60多个升级 - 完全定制你的队长(从6类采摘),高级管理人员和太空飞船 - 阅读过意见,看看明星交易员被评为最好的RPG游戏之一,受到众多玩家 体验精英升级:史诗般的新内容包括2000个新部门,200个行星,以及数以百计的额外的船舶,更有传言,艺术板,和。你可以复制从星级的商贸任何队长(免费)到精英! 你的船的命令是不断受到威胁,内部和外部。可以很好的管理你的资源,船员,人员不够扭亏为盈? Face****的: https://www.face****.com/startraders 论坛: *特: http://twi****.com/#!/TreseBrothers

Cory Trese
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